• Are you getting bogged down managing the every day responsibilities of your business?

  • You want to do more, but the technology involved in the process freaks you out?

  • Is your team and client pool getting too large to stay on top of yourself?

Hi, I’m Nicole. I’ve got your back! Here are some things I can help you with:

Project Management
  • You use a variety of subcontractors, employees, or team members, but you find yourself spending all your time making sure they stay on task. I keep things running smoothly by regularly staying in touch with everyone, using online calendars and scheduling tools, e-mails, and phone calls to make sure everyone is meeting their deadlines. Reports back to you by e-mail or you can check the online tools.
  • Acting as a virtual manager for your team: Drawing up the weekly rosters for the team, scheduling their shift timings and seeing that everyone adheres to it, keeping track of the defaulters and notifying the higher authority.
Executive Assistance

You need all around administrative support? I gotcha covered.

  • Event planning – invitations, RSVPs, supplies, thank you cards, follow-up material
  • Reminder services – reminders of appointments, deadlines, birthdays, anniversaries
  • Travel arrangements – business and personal
  • E-mail services – screening, responses, checking, filtering
  • Scheduling – set appointments, confirm appointments, send reminders
  • Client management
  • Manage and organize calendars – make your schedule accessible, no matter where you are
  • Database management – add names, create and/or maintain databases
  • Correspondence – spreadsheets, word processing
  • Reorganization – personal and business
  • Contact management – take notes, return phone calls, scheduling activities and projects, create custom reports and mailings, manage e-mail, fax and phone contacts
Facebook/Online Community Moderation
    • Edit and move any posts that violate community policies
    • Escalate any heated/controversial discussions
    • Answer questions that are best answered by community leader rather than the community
    • Direct users who have specific account-related questions to support
    • Correct any incorrect information shared in the forum
    • Respond to customer inquiries with helpful and friendly answers
    • Engage with your global community to encourage positive discussions.
    • Provide a weekly summary of the hot topics and “temperature” in the forums and on social pages
Managing accounts payable and accounts receivable
  • Notifying clients and customers about the amount they owe you, or helping them out with the different modes of payment that you offer.
  • Tracking the due payment dates and the regular bills payables, ensuring the dues get cleared on time and never accrue unnecessary contractual complications that could arise because of late payments.
Website/Blog Design, Development, Maintenance
  • You need a simple website, but can’t justify spending thousands of dollars to use a high-end web design company. 
  • You need changes on your website. I can edit or upload new information to your website, whether site was created by myself or by someone else.
  • You want to be able to make simple text changes on your website when you add a new product, service, or announce a new event. I create a website using WordPress or other template, allowing you to make changes easily and quickly yourself.
  • Blog set up/formatting/scheduling. You already have a blog or website, but are tired of preparing all the blog posts and content yourself. I can format your posts for you and schedule them to your social media.
    Need help with something else?

    Send me a message and let’s talk about it.