That Whole Day Job Thing

My home base is in Berlin, Germany, though I am focusing on remote work for now.

In order to fit German visa regulations, I’ve become adept at a variety of tasks over the years. I’ve done translation (German to English), relocation coaching on how to move to Berlin, and run workshops on how to be a freelancer in Germany. I was even accidentally in a Febreze commercial once!

As an enthusiastic to-do list writer, however, my main experience is in project and program management and assistance. I specifically have 8+ years of administrative experience in the realm of Higher Education, where I’ve worked in Admissions at an executive business school, helped coordinate a summer study abroad program for Harvard University, and served as the College Registrar at a small private Liberal Arts in Germany, making sure everything academic at the university happened when it should.

Outside of Higher Ed, I’ve also worked some more traditional Project Management gigs. My main client was a multinational company based in Dubai, working remotely with colleagues on a military base in Afghanistan. Besides rapidly learning ALL the military acronyms, I also helped manage an audit of the company, led the creation of a training program for new technology on base, and mapped out the work flow throughout the entire company using Microsoft Visio.

I get an embarrassing amount of pleasure from taking chaos and turning it into order. That’s one way to use my slightly anxious tendencies for good, right?!

For my full work experience, please have a look at my LinkedIn profile.


I was a blogger before I even knew what blogging was, starting at the ripe age of 16 when I posted all of my angsty teenage thoughts to the internet via LiveJournal.

Since then, I’ve graduated to create Vegan Nom Noms, a vegan food and travel blog I’ve been running since 2008. Vegan Nom Noms has a DA (domain authority) of 29 and an average of 11,000 page views per month.

My new project is my blog Unsettled Down. You may call this a “lifestyle” blog, but really I just wanted somewhere to post my thoughts that don’t have to do with food. My aim is to bring back some realness to the blogosphere, with critiques of the digital nomad and travel scenes, discussions of diversity within these communities, and pictures of all the street cats I befriend along the way.

Coding & Tech

I am tech savvy and love discovering new tools. My current obsession is using Zapier to automate tasks between Google Forms, Sheets and Calendar like a wizard.

I created my first website at age 11 back when frames were all the rage. It was an Animorphs fan site, covering the young adult book series about humans who could morph into aliens to defeat evil aliens called yeerks (nerd alert). I’ve since moved into the future and have been using WordPress since 2013 for all of my blogs and websites. I’ve been through a few host changes, plug-in explosions, and transfers between Blogger and self-hosted WordPress.

In addition, I’ve been teaching myself to code. You can see my projects below.

Practice with JSON APIs

See the Pen Random Quote Machine Final by Nicole A (@nabramow) on CodePen.

HTML & CSS Tribute Page Project Using Bootstrap

See the Pen freeCodeCamp – Build A Tribute page (129) by Nicole A (@nabramow) on CodePen.

Get Visa Germany

As an expat in Berlin since 2011, I’ve collected a lot of knowledge about German bureaucracy. Most notably…work visas. I started getting so many questions about how to apply for the freelance and artist visas in Germany that I couldn’t respond to each person anymore. So, I wrote all my experience into an eBook: Get Visa Germany.

I’ve set up Get Visa Germany using WordPress with WooCommerce, and have an affiliate program running using the Affiliate Manager plug-in.


In addition to my blogs, I’ve also been published in a couple print magazines:

Abramowski, N. (2016, December). Vegan in the Balkans. Driftwood Magazine, (3), 68-69.
Abramowski, N. (2015, February). Vegan Creep: From Tegel to Lichterfelde, a look at animal-free eating in Berlin’s outer reaches. Exberliner Magazine, (135), 9.