Hi, my name is Nicole! I’m an American expat based in Berlin, Germany. I’m also a queer nomad, foodie, author of the Vegan Nom Noms blog, a new coder, and a bit of a nerd.

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Your friendly nomadic overachiever

I grew up in the suburbs of Long Island, NY in the United States. Being the nerdish book lover that I was, I didn’t really fit in much. Thus, I escaped to Northampton, Massachusetts at the ripe age of 18 to attend Smith College, an all-women’s university where I was surrounded by fellow badass go-getters for the first time. During my studies I spent a year at the University of Sussex in Brighton, England for year, which began my passion for travel.

My senior year, I googled “How can I not live in America?” and ended up in Prague, Czech Republic where I obtained my TEFL certification and taught English for a time. Keen for a bit more of an adventure, I set out on a 5-month Eurotrip in 2010 and eventually decided to learn German and move to Berlin, Germany. I’ve been based in Berlin ever since!

My expat adventures have made quick to adapt and learn new situations (I mean, German bureucracy anyone?). With my love of to-do lists and efficiency I fit right in here in Germany. 😉

My Professional Career

I’ve always been quite active and socially involved, starting as the co-chair of several organizations at university. For over 8 years, I’ve worked a variety of roles as a Project Assistant, and later, in Project and Program Management. From leading the RAs and Counselors and preparing shift schedules at an academic summer camp, to running the Registrar’s Office at a small, private Liberal Arts university in Berlin, Germany, I love me a good organizational role. In fact, I gain some of the most satisfaction from throwing myself into new situations and figuring my way out.

I’ve worked many roles within Higher Education, including serving as the Summer Program Assistant for Harvard University’s Summer Film program in Berlin, as a Project Assistant to the Berlin School of Creative Leadership’s Admission’s office and as the Program Manager for the Registrar’s Office at Bard College Berlin.

Outside of Higher Education, I worked as the International Project Manage for ENAiKOON for several projects at our client’s site in Dubai, UAE, and have helped many foreigner’s move to Germany in my role as Coach at a relocation firm in Berlin called Expath. In this role I helped clients fill out confusing German paperwork, navigate the laws and best practices of setting up a business in Germany, and translated at government offices. This later evolved into my own consulting business, Get Visa Germany, and an eBook of the same name.

Me climbing abandoned window

(photo credit to Kris)

Formally, I have a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Smith College, TEFL certificate and have created and run a successful blog, Vegan Nom Noms, since 2008. I also am the founder and admin of the Facebook community Queer Women* Digital Nomads, which currently has just under 300 members.

You can view my full work history on my LinkedIn here.

So that whole remote, digital nomad thing…

You may wonder why I left these cushy jobs to do my own thing. While I was quite happy in my previous positions, after awhile I could have told you what every day of my life would have been like until I retired. Adding to that, my friends and family are split across Europe and the United States, meaning there was never enough time to spend with everyone with the yearly allotted vacation from a “normal” job.

Plus, you know, wanderlust calls.

As I got to know the remote working, digital nomad scene more and more, I realized I could do both. I could have an exciting career with tasks that challenged me AND also travel and make more time to spend with those I care about. Thank goodness for the internet right?

After obtaining my German permanent residence in October 2017, I quit my job in late December 2017 and decided to use the skills and passions I already had to work remotely. That’s where the story of Unsettled Down Online Business Services began…

Let’s Work Together

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