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Hi, my name is Nicole! I’m an American expat based in Berlin, Germany. I’m also a queer nomad, vegan foodie, author of Vegan Nom Noms, a new coder, and a bit of a nerd.
Me on couch

(photo credit to Kris)

My purpose? Blogging honestly

I’ve been sad to see the blogging world turn into a sea of perfect, filtered lives. These days we’re afraid to say anything someone might not like lest we start an internet war. We read about other peoples’ seemingly perfect lives and wonder what’s wrong with us.

Screw that, I say! I’m here to try and be as honest as possible, with a critical eye to the digital nomad and travel scenes. I also hope to provide a queer voice to the nomad world. We’re out there! We’re not just at home with our girlfriends and our cats watching Netflix! Okay, some of us are…

For those who don’t quite fit in

I rarely see people like me represented in the location independent, digital nomad and travel movements online. Queer women, nerds, and all my other non-normative weirdos out there…where you at?!

I’ve never managed to fit into any one category, and I’m here to write about that. I’m vegan, but prefer to stay away from the vegan police and pseudoscience. I’m queer, but I don’t really relate to hookup culture. I’m a nomad, but I’m also into staying places a longer time and building community and real, close connections. I’m a woman, but I’m striving to break into this tech world.

I hope to build a community of nomads and travelers who don’t fit into the mainstream community.

Me climbing abandoned window

(photo credit to Kris)

Are you into it? Let’s chat.

I’d love to hear from you about topics and/or perspectives you feel are underrepresented in the digital nomad and travel scenes. What do you feel no one is talking about? Do you have something to say? I’m happy to accept relevant guest posts on the blog, too.

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Say hi! Let me know what you want me to talk about here. Love letters and other ideas for collaboration are also accepted. 😉